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La Bottega del Gusto - Enoteca

"A glass of water when our body is thirsty is like a glass of wine when our soul is thirsty. That's why a meal without wine makes me think of a child unable to laugh."                                                               - Mario Soldati

La Bottega del Gusto - Enoteca
La Bottega del Gusto - Enoteca

14 regions represented, from North to South Italy, over 37 wineries and 72 labels, we are one of the eight FIVI affection points in the Florence area.

Enoteca La Bottega del Gusto Firenze we pack baskets and boxes according to the customer's choice, quality bulk wines, prestigious labels, spirits from all over the world, Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, craft beers and local specialties. HOME DELIVERY Ilmiosito, Italy


Never a name was more appropriate .. as soon as you cross the threshold you are immersed in a world where taste really reigns supreme. The choice of wines is remarkable and Giacomo, the owner of the house, is always available to suggest the best way. Also interesting is the proposal of beers and spirits. If you pass via Cento stelle in Florence, stop by .. you will not regret it.


Matteo Giannetti

Excellent choice of wines and sparkling wines, with competent suggestions. Excellent price/quality ratio


Elisabetta Bottai

A very valid shop for both the "daily" table wine and the most prestigious labels. Excellent advice received from the highly trained manager. Recommended for those who like a good glass. Cheers..!!


Maurizio Bagnoli

The Bottega del Gusto has become for me a place of obligatory passage. It is there that Mr. Giacomo's advice allowed me to explore and appreciate the varied and inexhaustible world of wine (but also of beer!) And to make discoveries as pleasant as they are surprising. Thanks Sor Giacomo!


Carlo Gracci

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